Whole Life Insurance:

Permanency. Predictability. Performance. These three words best describe what you get in a Whole Life policy. Whole Life Insurance is more than permanent Life Insurance protection. Whole Life Insurance offers permanent benefits (never reducing, never expiring), level premiums (forever), guaranteed cash accumulation, and the potential for policy dividends.

  • No medical examination is needed depending on the amount of coverage being applied for

Term Life Insurance:

Term Life Insurance is Life Insurance coverage that is provided for a fixed time period. These periods are typically 1 year, 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years.

  • Term Insurance has the least expensive upfront cost because it is not permanent
  • Once expired renewal is not guaranteed and rates will increase
  • This coverage is good for people who’s untimely death would cause a significant financial burden on their families or others. For example, parents with young children, homeowners, and student loan holders with co-signers.
  • No medical examination is needed depending on the amount of coverage being applied for

Indexed Annuities:

This is a special class of retirement annuity offered by FCPC. This retirement plan is designed to provide stability, growth, and predictability to retirement savers.

This plan offers:

  • All of your principal and interest gains are 100% safe from market risk.
  • Interest rates that are linked to the stock market. You have market linked growth without the risk.
  • Your retirement account is taxed advantaged.
  • You can earn contribution bonus matches.
  • You have the opportunity to create a guaranteed income you can never. outlive.

Disability Insurance:

The most important financial asset that any working person has is their income. How many months in expenses will your personal savings cover in the event that you become ill or injured and cannot work? Short-Term disability insurance through FCPC can cover you for up to 3 years in that scenario.
  • No examination is needed in any case for this policy.

Medicare Supplement:

Medicare Supplement, or Medigap, insurance plans fill in “gaps” in basic benefits left behind by Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, such as deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments. Medicare supplement may help you save money with your medical expenses in your retirement. Once a person reaches the age of 65 they are typically flooded with information about Medicare. This can be challenging to navigate while still planning and preparing in other parts of your retirement. Let an FCPC agent help you navigate this process and simplify the experience for you.